A downloadable game for Windows

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Play run Part Two! : https://ultimatexx.itch.io/run2

if you want to support me you can donate on Patreon: Patreon

W= Move Forward
S= Move Backwards
A= Strafe Left
D= Strafe Right
Left Shift= Run
CTRL= Crouch
F= Toggle Flashlight
E= Pickup Items
ESC= Pause


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Run-32Bit.zip 465 MB
Run-64bit.zip 491 MB


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I can't believe you made this in a day. You did such a great job. I think maybe like you said there are some bugs but, it doesn't take away from the gameplay. Very atmospheric and, the monster was truly menacing! Look forward to playing Run 2!

Run Part Two is out now on Itch.io! Link: https://ultimatexx.itch.io/rptcytm


Hey, played your game for an indie romp. For a test demo on unreal the only bug I can point out is being killed through a wall XD. Hope to see you continue your work


thanks for the video, it made me laugh xDD and yea it was the first game i ever programmed im working on a part two, in part two it has way more story and things to do.


can't wait to see it! I'm no programmer but a life tip is you can never polish something to much!


i have "finished" the Part two for the Demo but i cant put it on here for now because the size is to big.. for now it has 3 gb but im working on it to reduce the size =D (its on a other site for now but i dont post it because it would be advertise for an other side)

I uploaded it here now! link: https://ultimatexx.itch.io/rptcytm

can't wait to play it!!


This game is Great, Have some Jumpscares but its very Short :)

Thanks, im currently working on a second Part for the Game and the second part will be longer this one is just a "intro" for the main thing :P (the game has a backstory)

Make it More Scary.....Remember Don't make it impossible to play!

Demon speed in this part is good...Don't increase his speed or it will be hard to evade him.

Waiting for the second part :))))